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Monday, 07 January 2013 13:59

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ReelSonar: Fishfinder for Smartphones and Tablets

Portable & Affordable!

ReelSonar has embraced technology full force, linking sonar technology to your smartphone or tablet. Our new generation social-mobile sonar fishfinder system connects to smartphones and tablets giving you the information you need to increase your catch rates and have more fun!

Here’s what ReelSonar Can Do:

  • See location depth up to 150 feet and locate the fish.

  • Location GPS Tags – tag structures, launch ramps, etc.

  • Bite (Strike) Alarm: Get on-device alerts when a fish is near or on the end of the line.

  • Map the waterbed: ReelSonar allows the App to create the waterbed topography map; great

    tool for kayakers and boaters!

  • Check water temperature: ReelSonar works in all water temperatures; great for ice fishing!

  • Check water salinity.

  • Bobber lights up when it is lost or dark.

  • Get weather forecast and solunar calendar.

  • Get suggestions on bait and lures based on stats and location. 

ReelSonar bobber

How ReelSonar works?

Portable and wireless, the ReelSonar fishfinder system consists of a bobber and a complementary mobile application for smartphones and tablets. The bobber connects to a device via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with a range of up to 150 feet – no cables required!

The bobber uses sonar and patented technology to detect the presence of fish, map the waterbed and measure water conditions. You attach it to the end of your fishing-line; cast it to your desired location. The bobber immediately turns on and sends information such as the waterbed map and temperature to your device.

The ReelSonar App is compatible with Android 2.2 and iOS5.0 and higher. The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play in April 2013. The ReelSonar bobbers will be available July 2013.

ReelSonar is the idea of two tech geeks in Seattle that just so happen to be brothers. They love to fish. They love smartphones. The two have a background in medical ultrasound technology. For the past year, they have been working with a team spending countless hours bouncing ideas off of professional and amateur anglers, researching, designing and testing ReelSonar technology. The ReelSonar team consists of hardware Engineers, RF Engineers, Embedded Software Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, App Designers and Anglers. 

ReelSonar App

Product specifications:

  • Size: 50mm diameter

  • Weight: 40gm/1.4 oz

  • Connection: Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Bluetooth Range: up to 150 feet (50 meters)

  • Depth Range: up to 150 feet (50 meters)

  • Sensors: Water temperature and Salinity Meter

  • Units: metric and imperial

  • Batter: 3.7V Rechargeable 

  ReelSonar Packaging




0 #1 Macfire 2013-01-08 23:01
Must be a nice product But since I use a Windows Phone I'll never know!

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