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Written by J Cambria   
Friday, 04 November 2011 06:37
Things have sure changed - there was a time when cheap tackle was just that - cheap. We have entered into a time when the fisherman have benefited from increased competition and manufacturing abroad to see tackle that is up to standards but yet wont break the bank. Kayak fishing puts a tremendous amount of pressure on tackle, whether its the constant assault of salt water or high sticking a fish from the kayak, your gear must hold up.
There are couple ways to assess tackle purchases for the kayak angler; one would be to buy the cheapest stuff available and bascially consider it disposable - when it dies, get another. The other strategy would be to buy expensive gear and fish it hard knowing it will stand up to the test.
I think for most of us who have been enjoying this sport for a while it is safe to say we want quality and durability but at a fair price so a happy medium is the way to go. Even seasoned anglers might have gear for other forms of fishing like surf or boat and might have to change tactics and tackle to be more kayak friendly. Lets look at some of the tackle choices that will get the job done.

Quantum Accurist PTi Spinning Reel
Price: 79.95
Why We Like it: We are big fans of the Quantum line around here, the Quantum Cabo which we have reviewed on this site is absolutely bullet proof but the price was at almost $200 for a lot people and we think this new reel give you the same construction with features like 10 ball bearings and titanium bail wire for a great price.

Bass Pro Shops XPS Extreme Trigger Rods
Price: 59.95
Why We Like it: Not really sure where they get these built but they are super sensitive and have some of the nicest components around. Whether you're looking for a spin or baitcast, these rods deserve a look. Their 7' medium/heavy is a great all around kayak rod.
bass pro extreme rod

Temple Fork Outfitters Lefty Kreh Signature Series Flyrod
Price: $109

Why We Like it: Before Temple Fork came along the flyrod companies had us believing to get performance from a rod you had to pay big money, well this rod is a great starter rod but you may never grow out of it. The 8 wt. is a great choice for stripers, redfish and snook from kayak. TFO also has an amazing warranty program incase you do break one on a big fish.

Lefty Kreh Flyrod

Okuma SLV Fly Fishing Reel
Price: 40.05 - 59.95
Why We Like it: This reel is dicast aluminum with a large spool arbor something you see in more expensive reels. Spare spools are around 30 bucks and pop on and off in a jiffy. In either the 8/9 or 10/11 wt. size they're great all around kayak fly reels.

Okuma Epixer Bait Feeder Spin Reel
Price: 69.99
Why We Like it: The verifiability of being able to go from casting to bait fishing in an instant can come in handy depending on how you fish. A great reel if you fish live eels or bunker from the kayak. The 40 size work very well.
epixer reel

Shu Fly 8wt. 7 piece Fly Rod.
Price: $125
Why We Like it: This rod can really serve mutiple purposes. It's a terrific performing rod that won't break the bank. In the kayak you don't want to spend a fortune but you still want great performance. We're using the 8 wt. (also comes in a 5 wt.) and it breaks down into 7 pieces and can fit into any travel bag for your next trip. The rod comes with sock and hard case and measures a total of 23".
shu fly

Shimano Corvalus Baitcasting Reels
Price: 69.95
Why We Like it: We're not sure you even need the perfomance of an $800 reel but its nice to know that you will get some of that same engineering even in some of Shimano's lower end reels. The 400 size can handle anything from stripers to tarpon. Also comes in a left hand version.

shimano reel



Penn Ugly Stik Combos
Price: 109.99 to 139.99
Why We Like it: They may not be the most sensitive rods or the smoothest reels but they are made to last and you get a balanced outfit for one price. The spin set up is with their Spinfisher reel and GT Level Wind reel on their conventional combo.

penn combo


Tuff Line Braided Line
Price: 25% cheaper than PowerPro
Why We Like it: Braided line allows you cast longer and feel every touch from a fish. The line can be pretty expensive but you can save a few bucks and still get top quality with Tuff Line. Comes in 4 colors but I like the green all purpose use.





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