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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 15:55
VisipoleThe newest addition to the YakAttack™ lineup is also the most exciting. Designed to meet the needs of serious kayak anglers as well as recreational paddlers, the VISICarbon Pro™ sports unprecedented performance in light weight, low drag, and portability with plenty of style. A quick look at the features:

- Main mast section designed with carbon fiber tubing for high strength and ultra light weight.
- The VISICarbon Pro™ weighs in at just 14 ounces, complete with 3 AA batteries.
- The ultra thin mast and redesigned flag combine to offer excellent performance with low wind drag.
- The 48" long VISICarbon Pro™ breaks down to 14" long in seconds.
- Our new Silent Snap™ flag attachment system provides a secure attachment that allows the flag to be removed in seconds.
- The folded unit can be stored inside the nylon flag which doubles as a carry bag.

While this product will greatly enhance your visibility on the water, keep in mind that kayak fishing can be dangerous, and that no product can replace caution and a constant awareness of your surroundings.

Photo Credit. Chad Hoover
VISICarbon Pro Features - An In Depth Look

When we designed this product, we wanted to maintain all the things our customers like about the VISIPole™ while addressing concerns brought to us by the most discerning kayakers. We wanted a product that would be the ultimate in day and night visibility. To do this, we wanted to put a special emphasis on light weight, low drag, and portability.

Light Weight
Using carbon fiber tube for the mast we were able to achieve the first objective - light weight. The VISICarbon Pro™ weighs in at 14oz, including 3 AA batteries.

Low Drag
The small diameter of the carbon fiber tube also helped us achieve a second objective, low drag. The slim profile means there isn't a lot of surface area for wind to grab. We also shortened the flag height from 12" to 6". While still long enough for great visibility, the shorter flag flies straighter which improves the aerodynamics. The 2 ply construction of the flag also allows some air inside, promoting a wind sock effect that is aerodynamically efficient.

The most important feature we added is portability. If you want to be truly visible from 360 degrees, the light and flag must be higher then your head. However, a long pole is difficult to stow and transport. Enter the VISICarbon Pro™. We resolved the assembly into 4 independent sections that fit together, held in place using tension from an internal shock cord. This patent pending design allows the unit to be folded to a length of 14". The removable flag then serves as a bag for storage and transport.

Silent Snap™ Flag Attachment
Once we decided to use the flag as the storage bag, we knew that the flag must be quickly removable. We also wanted to improve on the flag clip system and make something that holds the flag header straight and is completely silent. The Silent Snap™ system gave us everything we wanted and more. This is what innovation is all about.

The Light

One of the things folks really like about the VISIPole™ is the Tek-Tite® light sitting on top of it. With its super bright LED module, remarkable light diffusing lens, and waterproof construction it just doesn't get any better. So when we decided that we needed to design our own light body, we contacted Tek-Tite® and asked them to take our design and manufacture it exclusively for  YakAttack™.  The new light body has eyelets molded into it  to accept our Silent Snap™ flag attachment system, and has been designed with a "window" in which to terminate the shock cord and a socket that fits snugly onto the carbon fiber tube. This light meets or exceeds all USCG requirements and will give more than 100 hours of burn time on a single set of 3 AA batteries.

The Stripes

Another thing our customers really like about the VISIPole™ is the 2" wide, marine grade, USCG approved SOLAS stripe. This stuff has unbelievable adhesion properties, and does an amazing job of reflecting light. We kept this band of reflective goodness and added a 1" band of reflective orange just above and below it. Who says you can't be safe with a little style?

We all know accidents happen and things wear out from time to time. Every major component on the VISICarbon Pro™ is replaceable.  From the shock cord to the base unit to the carbon fiber tubes, light, and flag, we have replacement parts available. We'll be adding them to our online store in the coming weeks. If you need something in the meantime, just ask.

Do you wish the VISICarbon Pro™ was taller? Shorter? With the modular design, changing the height is as simple as adding or removing a carbon fiber mast section. Wish the light was a little brighter? Maybe a little less bright? We have 1, 2, and 4 LED modules available. We can also build custom units with plain flags, screen printed flags, or different color flags.
QuietSlip™ Mounting
Every VISICarbon Pro™ utilizes the same QuietSlip™ mounting option that we developed for the VISIPole™. This system  allows you to slide the VISICarbon Pro™ into a vertical rod holder and tether it in place. Requiring no drilling or complicated installation, it's a great option that you won't find with our competitors products. QuietSlip mounting is designed for 1 .75" diameter tube style rod holders.
•    QuietSlip™ ultra-durable ground foam grip prevents annoying rattling while you're out on the water.
•    An elastic tether secures the VISICarbon Pro™ in the unfortunate event that your kayak goes belly up.

RAM® Mount Ready
RAM® ball mounts provide a strong connection for accessories with unparalleled positioning capabilities. Starting July 1, we will begin shipping a model of the VISICarbon Pro™ with a 1" RAM® ball.

Scotty® Mount Ready
Scotty® also makes a widely used base, and we have a version of the VISICarbon Pro™ for that too.
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