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Friday, 09 October 2009 04:46

A Win by an Inch in Cape Coral !!!


The second leg of the KayakSlam Southwest Division, held at Cape Tool & Tackle came down to a few inches.  As the second event in the division, this was the first chance to see how the point’s race would be shaping up.

With 25 anglers registered, including 19 returning from the Naples event, The KayakSlam Series has a following that grows with each event.

At the Capt. Meeting, the talk was about whether to go west to Matlacha and Pine Island or farther to get away from the weekend crowds.



Strategy was the topic at the Capt. Meeting


Another beautiful weather day greeting anglers on Saturday morning,

But there was some rain in the forecast for later in the day.  At 2:30pm a couple of anglers checked in and the talk was of lots of tailers, but not a lot of eaters.

David McCleaf of Ft Myers checked back in with the first slam at 76 inches, anchored firmly with a 33 inch redfish.  Several more slams were checked in, but David’s slam remained at the top.  Josh Harvel of Cape Coral scored a respectable 67.75 inches with a solid 29.5 inch red.

An impressive slam of a 26 inch snook, 18 inch trout, and a 31 inch redfish scored Andrew Wright Second Place with a total of 75 inches.



The Weigh in BBQ is a big hit!


The mother and son duo of Garrett Poole and Linda Poole showed up big in their first KayakSlam Event with Garrett taking Top Youth Honors and Linda winning Top Female and the Big Trout Award with a 22.5 incher.


Linda and Garrett Poole

Top Female Angler and Top Youth Angler



  With David’s narrow one inch win, the Southwest division point’s race is heating up with David McCleaf holding on to a 6 point lead over Josh Harvel.  But don’t count out Andrew Wright, Paul Magliacane, or Jon Shein, who are all within striking distance of the Angler of the Year Award.  With one more event in the southwest, (Ft Myers-March 22) it’s still anyone’s game.


David McCleaf wins Cape Coral KayakSlam

And takes over the Points Lead


Next West Central Division Event- March 01, Clearwater

Next Southwest Division Event- March 22, Ft Myers


Angler Name  Snook Trout  Redfish Total
1 David McLeaf 24 19 33 76
2 Andrew Wright 26 18 31 75
3 Josh Harvel 20.5 17.75 29.5 67.75
4 Stephen Valdivia 20 17 28 65
5 Paul Magliacane 14 14.75 20.5 49.25
6 Garrick Huber 14 17 17 48
7 Adam Gross 0 19 25 44
8 Garrett Poole 0 18.75 25 43.75
9 Jon Shein 18.5 19.75 0 38.25
10 Zachary Hartley 17.5 0 17.5 35
11 Tim Lirley 0 16 18 34
12 Linda Poole 0 22.5 0 22.5
13 Jason Gray 0 21.5 0 21.5
14 Zach Robertson 0 19 0 19
15 John Weinberg 18 0 0 18
16 Dakota Wright 0 16 0 16
17 Austin Carey 0 15 0 15
18 Mark Couch 0 0 0 0
19 Peter Poletti 0 0 0 0
20 Terrance Carey 0 0 0 0
21 Rob Hofbauer 0 0 0 0
22 James Monahan 0 0 0 0
23 Andrei Stroman 0 0 0 0
24 Jason Levalley 0 0 0 0



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