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Monday, 19 October 2009 10:13

2009 YAK OFF Fishing Tournament

Ill tempered blast of onshore trade winds did everything possible to discourage kayak anglers from participating in the first annual Yak Off Fishing Tournament but to no avail. With some of the old timers needing a little extra coaxing. excited keiki all but dragged the sluggish ones out to sea to fish for some outstanding prizes and plenty of fun for the contestants who ranged from 9 years old to senior citizens.

Truly promoting the sport for future kayak anglers, www.coastalkayaktours.com(CKT) and Windward Boats asked no entry fee for participation in this tournament. This unselfish move opened up the doors to appreciative people looking for a less expensive alternative to catching big game, specifically pelagics, from a motorized vessel. Windward Boats was generous enough was generous enough to supply its demo fleet, and both contestants and beach goers were able to try their Hobie and Ocean Kayaks of choice. From the most basic singles and tandems to ultra high tech wind and pedal powered styles, there was plenty to choose from. CKT's David 'Boogie-D' Elgas was there with his team to teach and help with the demos for people of all ages.

Additional support came from Aqua Hunters, Haleiwa Fishing Supply, DriGrip, Jifay signatures, B-ware, Exzodier, Hobie and Ocean kayaks. These sponsors provided generous donation and helped spread the word island wide to pull in kayak anglers from all corners of oahu. While some more experienced angler were hoping to catch a mahi, ono, shibi, uku or perhaps a random bill fish, most people were happy with papio and ulua catches. With wind gust hitting 25 plus knots it was amazing that any one made it out at all!

The omilu and white ulua ranged from 1 to 12 pounds and baits used included oama, ika strips, opelu and artificial lures. The wind and current prevented any type of bottom fishing, so it was all about trolling and drifting through out the morning. Fresh oama seemed to be the bait of choice among the papio (surprise, surprise!) and most anglers who had oama ended up catching or at least taking some solid strikes.

Good vibes and ALOHA set the tone for the entire day, and that was no surprise. Boogie-D put a lot into this event.
"That what this is all about for me sharing. I have spent a lot of time and money just to share what I love with others. I wanted to give the 'n00b crew' as well as the kids to experience what i do..... and a chance for for them to grow. This is an event the entire family can do together."

The n00b crew consist of entry level kayak anglers getting to know the ins and outs of the sport. The name was deprived from the term newbie. The bottom line is that although these rookies are just starting out there learning curve is short and they are catching on fast. With the assistance of tools such as the forum on www.aquahunters.comnewbies can learn quickly by asking questions about kayaks, paddles, fishing rigs, terminal tackle, outfitting, preferred baits, safety, etiquette and even favorite recipes. Don't expect to learn any ones secret fishing hole but every question you need to get started is in the forum. The forum is both friendly and easy to navigate, so even the keiki can start learning early.

Speaking of keiki, the shibi sized kayak anglers that showed up were no joke. They were in it for the fun, but they tackled the event with full determination. With windy conditions, focus, strength and skill were required to put in the hours on the water. They took plenty of mental notes through out the day and will certainly return next year with new skills and probably a few secret tricks of there own. Niko Traubman a fifth grader put it like this "Its better than sitting in class. It was cool not being the only kid on the water and i got to make some new friends. maybe next time I can catch my first papio"

It was fantastic seeing the strong keiki showing. Watching the futuristic combination of the Umera brothers made it clear that some dominate siblings will continue to carry the torch long after the Uyeda Brothers and the Cho Bros are old and grey.

Plans are all ready in the making for the 2009 Yak Off. The tournament site will most likely be a on a fishy part of the island that is a bit more wind friendly. CKT and Windward Boats and the other sponsors are always interested supporting the keiki, so this tournament should be here to stay. Its worth it to come out simply for the incredible barbecue, the kayak demos and talking story with some of the of the top kayak anglers on the island.


Adult Division

1st place......... Robb Moncrief
2nd place........ Micah Pignolet
3rd place........ Steven Uchida
4th place........ Shiloh Oliberos
5th place........ Stanley Barros

Keiki Division

1st place........ David Umera
2nd place....... Niko Traubman
3rd place........ Koa San Luis
4th place........ Daniel Umera
5th place........ Stan Brown

Sponsors: Coastal Kayak Tours, Windward Boats, Aqua Hunters, Haleiwa Fishing supply, DriGrip, Jifay signatures, B-ware, Exzodier, Hobie, and Ocean Kayaks.

This story was written by accomplished kayak angler Adam 'Trout" Traubman.

Any companies or business who want to sponsor and support the 2009 Yak Off contact David 'Boogie-D' Elgas

David Elgas
aka: Boogie-D
web: www.coastalkayaktours.com
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
snail: 59-444 Makana rd., Haleiwa, HI 96712
phone:                (808) 638-9100        
cell:                (808) 234-4047        
Hobie Fishing Team


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