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Tuesday, 20 October 2009 05:17
Maw Glove by Stohlquist


We all want to still be kayak fishing even when it starts to get cold, Stohlquist's Maw glove is designed with 3mm super stretch neoprene and displaced seams that eliminate irritation and provide the ultimate comfort in a glove. Pre-curved fingers and grippy palm material provide optimal paddle control while reducing hand fatigue from squeezing. Waterproof seams and an O-ring seal keep water out and your fingers warm. Convenient terry cloth brow wipe to remove water droplets that impair your view.

Website: www.stohlquist.com

Pilot Knife By NRS


Every kayak fisherman knows that a good knife is essential on the water. Think of the NRS Pilot Knife as a "non-folding multi-tool." The cutting edge has sharp smooth and serrated sections, plus a rope cutting hook. The blunt tip, a definite safety feature for preventing puncture wounds in rescue situations, doubles as a screwdriver blade. The knife handle includes a glass breaking tip, an oxygen tank valve wrench and a bottle opener. Oh, and you'll use the blunt side of the blade to spread cream cheese on your bagel like a pro. The unique sheath locks the knife in place and only releases when both sides of the release are squeezed simultaneously. Clips securely to a PFD lash tab.

Website: www.nrsweb.com

New Lasso Kong Cable Lock By Lasso Lock

 Lock your kayak

For Tandems, Sit-On-Tops, Recreational and Fishing kayaks Lasso's New Kong Cable is designed to have the greatest versatility of any kayak lock available on the market today. The thicker cable and bigger lock are an impressive visual deterrent. If your going to lock your Kayak, make it as difficult on the would be thief.   

Website: www.lassosecuritycables.com 

New V Eight Breathable PFD By Astral

be safe on the water

Keep yourself cool while chasing fish in your kayak! The new Astral V Eight PFD has been designed for use in warm tropical climates with Airescape breathable technology. The world's first breathable PFD.  Astrals Airescape technology limits the PFD's contact surface with the body and allows air to flow out through ventilation ports in the front and back.

Website: www.astralbuoyancy.com

New HX750S Floating Marine Radio By Standard Horizons


Designed to be a work horse, the HX850S includes 6 Watts of transmit power, die cast     chassis, ergonomically shaped with rubberized armor for a non-slip grip and heavy duty belt clip. The HX850S radio is designed for the highest-level boating enthusiast. This advanced FLOATING handheld VHF/GPS includes a 12-channel GPS receiver allowing the radio to transmit a DSC call with your coordinates, perfect for a ditch bag. In addition the HX850S can transmit and receive Digital Selective Calls (DSC) including Position Polling. 

Website: www.standardhorizon.com

Fish Paddle by H2O Paddles


The H2O-Fish paddles are purpose built specifically for the discerning kayak angler. Incorporating many unique features such as a measuring tape molded into the shaft a scale hook clip designed into the blade and- tip weighted blade design for superb bite in any conditions 

Website: www.h2opaddles.com

The Stinger Loader Module By Malone


The Stinger™ Loading Module was developed with three requirements. It had to protect the kayak and vehicle. It had to be simple, and, it had to be affordable. Sliding Frame Extends 22" To Capture the Kayak - Retracts For Transport. Padded Injection Molded Frame Will Never Scratch the Kayak or Vehicle. Integrated Design that Permanently Attaches to the MPG1 Malone Seawing:

Website: www.maloneautoracks.com

 Malone products

G''zOne Type S Cell Phone By Casio

 Casio phone

For Everyday calling or emergencies on the water. Every kayak fisherman know how important communications is while chasing fish, whether you are finding out where the fish are or making an emergency call, this phone is as tough as you are. 

Website: www.casiogzone.com/type_s 

Universal Electronics Mounts By Ram


The RAM Universal Finger Grip Holder is designed to hold a large amount of different kinds of cell phones, hand held radios and GPS devices while kayak fishing.  Ram has been making great products for the kayak fisherman and the trend continues.

Website: www.ram-mount.com    

X-posed Hoodie By Extrasports

 New Top

Whether kayak fishing or getting around town, no other jacket offers as much versatility, style, and comfort. And internal spray skirt and highly adjustable hood keep you dry and warm—anywhere, anytime. Its 2.5 layer Entrant DT material is lightweight and extremely comfortable and breathable.

Website: www.extrasport.com          


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