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Written by Susan Powell   
Tuesday, 23 November 2010 15:29



Patrick and Leslie Price gave me their Yakdaddy deluxe slider during CKO’s first tournament and asked that I write a review. I was so excited to be given such a wonderful item of such great innovation. When I first saw them set up the slider displays and talked through the mounting and functionality of the devise, I was kind of skeptical at first thinking it would be too top heavy and interfere with kayaking strokes. So this is my first review of their product…

When I see ‘some assembly required…” I get ready for a two day ordeal involved with some cussing and throwing tools. Not the case here. I placed the Slider on my Perception 13 and it looked like it was made to fit my kayak.  I moved it around some to see if it would fit better in a different spot, but it was a good fit right where I first placed it. Like most people…who need instructions. My yak has a dry hole by the bottom of my seat so easy access to bolt in the bottom rail. I also have a dry hole on the top so in arm’s reach the top rail was secure. Only one extra washer was used. I was surprised that just two bolts secured the commercial grade PVC base. Very little play on it. The top part of the slider is made out of polyethylene marine material so I was surprised that it was that light being such a large attachment. It slide very smooth and I saw that the travel peg and travel release worked with ease.



Since I usually load and unload kayaks from the top of my jeep roof by myself, I had concerns with the added weight and weight shifting. I was going to load it with the entire feature on but did immediately feel the added weight movement. I easily slid the top off.  My only concern was if the plastic boat did fall off, I didn’t want to damage the base unit; a problem that I will have to find a solution for.

My friends and I got the super, duper, kayak fishing machine to the water easily. I was careful getting in thinking the higher weight distribution would play a factor. That wasn’t the case at all. I loaded my rods in the two RAM-117 Rod Holders. I have never used these before and loved how they turned and maneuvered so easily. I started with the rods straight out and the slider moved all the way forward. First strokes. Not a problem. From my racing days, I did some sit up and straight forward, aggressive paddle strokes and never hit the mounts. Next I flared out the rod holders to a trolling position. I moved the slider back and forth with ease. I thought I’d hear a grinding or intrusive sound but the machine was silent. Again, aggressive forward strokes. I would come within 1 to 2 inches of the rod holders but they didn’t interfere with my strokes.

Before Melinda and I started out from the dock, a couple stopped to talk to us. My very first comment with the Slider…. The gentlemen said, “You look very professional.”  Yeah, even if I do have pink rods and a pink cooler!

One of our main goals that day was just to paddle and enjoy the late November air. We paddled about three miles and not once did the Slider cause any difference to my boat. It was time to put it to work. There was no interference casting either with the other rod angled to the front side. Time to switch baits. Sliding the Flambeau 7320 double sided tackle box was easy to get to a spinner bait. The light weight box sat across my legs made an easy table. In the past, if I dropped a bait, especially a treble hooked monster, it would get caught on my clothes or drop in the bottom of the boat somewhere. I could keep all my baits right on my desk top lap.

Another thing I noticed that made this fishing trip a deluxe accommodation outfit, is that I usually have my reel dangling somewhere in the boat or in the water when putting line thru the eyelets. Note in the picture, that the reel with the rod balances between the back slider rails. A thought for an add-on a rubber holder to secure the rod would be better for this process.



With the bait on the rod, and the rod in the sleeve of the holder, I placed the tackle box in the top unit. It secured on very easy with no hard pulling on the bungee cord. The bungee hooks over the J-hook and is very secure. Slide it forward and off I go.

Oh, if you want to know how it works when you do catch a fish???  Well, you’ll just have to wait for the rest of the story…

I rate this 9 ½. When it helps me catch that 30 lb striper, then it gets a full 10. That’s just my two cents. Thank you Patrick and Leslie Price.


0 #1 Guest 2010-12-15 17:50
What is it's purpose?
0 #2 Guest 2010-12-17 00:02
Mounting anything in front of you on a kayak is always a compromise: If it's close enough to reach, it interferes with paddling, landing big fish, entry/exits (especially wet entries), or just turning side-saddle to cool your feet. If it's far enough forward to be out of the way, the you can't reach it without scooching forward in your seat or performing other gymanstics to reach your gear. With the Slider, your most needed equipment is never out of reach, and still never in the way. You can have all your gear almost in your lap one second, and near the end of your feet the next. The Slider provides a platform that will hold a nice size tackle box, 2 RAM-117 Rod Holders, and whatever else you want close at hand such as a fish-lipper, needle nose pliers, knife, clippers, a fish finder, whatever. Lift the handle with one hand (without putting down your rod) to pull everything close, or push it well out of the way, and lock it back in place. That is it's purpose.
0 #3 Guest 2010-12-18 23:20
The description inferred the Ram-117 Rod holders were mounted on the slider.
Looking at the pic closely it did not look mounted on the slider. Looks like the mount is on the yak even with the seat. I think more pic's are in order to fully grasp this concept.
Please explain.
0 #4 Guest 2011-03-01 16:14
To Peterwentfishin g...The RAM-117 Rod holders are in fact mounted to the sides of the Slider. Do a search on this site for "YakDaddy" and you'll find several other posts with photos that show where they mount. You can also go to YakDaddy.net... I have a lot of photos there that should clear things up. If you still have questions, feel free to give me a call.

Pat Price, Owner
0 #5 JPCorrigan 2012-03-23 07:23
I stumbled accross this product several years ago and made my purchase. That purchase introduced me to one of the nicest person I have ever had the pleasure of talking to, Patrick is just a great guy. As the instructions say I had it installed in no time with just two holes in my yak. All the hardware was there no running to ACE. I fish salt as well as fresh water and after two years it looks and works like day one. As anyone who fishes or just paddles around knows you bring stuff with you. You need a place to put it. That is Yakdaddy's purpose. The slider is the slickes nickle I have ever seen. You will say to yourself "why didn't I think of that?" I have mine set up with a rod holder and put my tackle box on it alond with some of the tools of ther trade, what is nice is at the end of the day I just slide it off and put it in the car. The next trip and slide it back on. How hard do you want it to be? If I was a yak dealer I would offer it as a dealer installed feature.

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