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Written by Michael Lavoie   
Tuesday, 26 February 2013 20:10

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In today's fishing world, there are a variety of software and hardware platforms that can enable you to become a better fisherman. Sometimes, using all that technology has to offer can be overwhelming. We share here a simple method to allow you to identify fishy locations in Google Earth then convert that data into a form that is usable in your Lowrance fishfinder.Google Earth can be used to find bottom structure, reefs, valleys, holes, etc., (Yes, on the ocean floor... it's there, really).

I already know that most fish hang around or near structure, so I find and mark those submarine structures in Google Earth. I then name them accordingly by area (Place_Depth_ID#_fish + a rating on how productive 0, 1, 2 or 3). An example would be TC North_73ft_37A_lings+3. Once I have all these great looking spots on my master Google Earth file (.kmz) I then convert as described below, and load into my Lowrance. I go fish the spots and add data (species and rating) based on my results at that waypoint. Done and done. So easy a caveman could do it.

How to export Google maps "kmz" files waypoints to Lowrance ".usr" file. (An SD card type FF is necessary.)

conversion input

1. is a tool that can be used to convert a .kmz file to a .gpx file.

   Choose GPX output format.
   Browse for your google maps ".kmz" file. 
   Leave everything as default.

2. Your ".gpx" file was created.

   Click and download your ".gpx" file.
   Save to your desktop.


gpsbabel 3. can then be used to create the ".usr" file for your Lowrance fishfinder.

   input: scroll down and select GPX XML
   output: scroll down and select Lowrance USR
   browse for the .gpx file you created on your desktop
   yes - output all types of data
   leave advanced option alone
   hit - convert the file

4. Load the .usr file onto your micro sd or whatever card you have for your Lowrance.

5. Under the waypoints options on your fishfinder - load the file from card.

6. Select your .usr file and load.

All done. Go fish!



MichaelLavoie Michael Lavoie grew up fishing fresh water for trout and bass with his Uncle Rick. Michael competed in a tourney only once in a while, but was always competitive in regard to the sport. He was instantly hooked on saltwater fishing after his first trip to the coast. He still enjoys fishing fresh water, but his love for the ocean is insatiable. There is no substitute for salt in the eyes.

Michael graduated from power boating to kayaking as a different way to fish and to connect with nature. “I love launching into the surf at some remote beach with no chance of running into another person all day. You can’t beat the feeling of finding areas where most of these fish have never even seen a lure prior to my arrival, and where they are totally unaware of my presence.” Michael also enjoys the simplicity of the kayak, being able to throw it on the rack of his truck and go almost anywhere he can access the water. “I read somewhere- 'A kayak gives me peace of mind with no motor to break down, gas tank to fill, or registration to pay for".

For Lavoie, kayaking is truly a pure way to fish. When he isn’t fishing you might find him mountain biking, hiking, white water rafting, making new baits or just spending the day with his beautiful wife and 3 year old son. As for his professional life, you'd find Michael designing, marketing, making and photographing cocktails, as the owner of the Michael is currently a proud member of the Lowrance Electronics and The Hogy Bait Company pro-staff teams.





0 #1 gaellun 2013-03-13 18:45
Michael. Love the info, I have been trying to do this for ages as we want to use Google earth for navigation purposes for the local Marine Rescue unit. One question I have for you is the 3D view you have shown from within Google Earth. I have tried to achieve the same view but have been unable to do so in the free version of Google Earth (in either DirectX or OpenGL mode). Therefore I assume you are using the comercial version of Google Earth.
0 #2 jmrosenada 2013-06-21 16:03
thanks Michael

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