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Sunday, 18 October 2009 15:44

NEW Freedom 14 Kayak

freedom hawk

Freedom Hawk Kayaks are designed by avid fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts who have incorporated unprecedented innovation intotheir kayak designs. Its patented easy-to-deploy outrigger system and related features provide a solid sporting platform that really works. Imagine switching from kayak efficiency and simplicity to Jon Boat stability with the flick of a lever. The Freedom Hawk is the only kayak to truly let you “Stand and Fish” with 100% confidence. Switch from cruising to fishing in seconds. Don’t settle for clumsy add-on outrigger. Get the real deal, a kayak that’s designed from the waterline up to incorporate a stabilization system that’s easy to deploy. The Freedom 14 provides the ultimate sporting platform in the world of paddle craft. Freedom Hawk Kayaks excel as small watercraft for Fishing, Duck Hunting, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming and Wildlife Photography.

  • Outriggers: Outriggers are easily deployed and retracted from the seated position. They also offer a quick disconnect for storage and transport.
  • Rod Holders: Two flush mount rod holders come standard.
  • Anchor Boom: Allows for anchor deployment from seated position.
  • Standing Assist “Grab Rope”: Bow mounted rope aids in transitioning from sitting to standing.
  • Self Bailing: Scupper Holes & Scupper Hole Plugs to control cockpit water.
  • Casting Brace: Provides additional stability and conveniently stores in bow of kayak when not in use. The kayak can be paddled with Casting Brace raised.
  • Optional Push Pole: The12’ long sectional design stores in custom recess in the floor of kayak when not in use.

NEW Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100, 120, 140,160.

New Kayaks from WS

Here are some of the new features for the Tarpon Series; Increased tankwell size on all models (in fact, the Tarpon 100 has more capacity than the previous 14-foot model). Improved bow lift for gliding. Raised floors for drier ride. Patented new scupper tube design for unmatched water-tightness. The Phase 3 Sit on Top seating system (height adjustable back and leg support) Orbix hinged hatch covers (with lever-lock) SlideTrax accessory rails for add-ons without the use of tools.


Ocean Kayak™, a leader in the paddlesports community for over 30 years, is bringing back its classic Scupper Pro     TW™ due to consumer demand.  A sleek, touring style sit-on-top kayak the Scupper Pro™ is ideal for paddlers looking for durability, performance and stability.

A versatile boat, the Ocean Kayak™ Scupper Pro™ is a great choice for virtually any paddling activity from day trips to open water boating and kayak fishing.  At over 14 feet long the Scupper Pro™ is perfect for small to medium build paddlers looking for a boat that’s responsive and easy to handle.

“Consumer demand is our compass to marketplace success, and dealers are telling us consumers want the Scupper Pro™,” said Sara Knies, Marketing Director for Johnson Outdoor Paddlesports.   “I think the true beauty of the classic design of the Scupper Pro™ is the breadth of its versatility and appeal,” concludes Knies.

The Scupper Pro™ features a large Pro hatch, roomy tank well with bungee and a compass mount area.  A classic  Ocean Kayak™ hull design with built-in keel provides for solid tracking, while a performance-fit cockpit and molded-in foot   wells offer stability and control.  Self-bailing scupper holes can be easily plugged for a drier ride.  6” center hatch with cat bag optional.

Key specs include: Length: 14’ 9”, Width: 26”, Weight: 55 lbs, Capacity: 350 - 400 lbs. 
Colors: Sunrise and Yellow.

New Ocean Kayak Trident 11’ and 13’

new kayaks

Ocean Kayak a pioneer in sit-on-top kayaks, is adding two new models to their popular Prowler Trident™ kayak collection. New for 2009, the Prowler Trident 11™ and Prowler Trident 13™ represent the next generation in versatile, performance-based fishing kayaks.

Both the Prowler Trident 11™ and Prowler Trident 13™ are offered in standard and angler editions featuring an innovative new adjustable foot peg system for increased performance, added comfort and a custom fit. Prowler Trident™ kayaks are stable and comfortable with a large capacity and dry ride.

“We collaborated with top professional anglers from across the U.S. to ensure we delivered what anglers are looking for,” said Sara Knies, Director of Marketing for Johnson Outdoors Paddlesports. “The Prowler Trident 11™ is a great compact fishing kayak for inland and coastal waters, while the Prowler Trident 13™ affords anglers room for more gear and the ability to tackle bigger water.”

Key features and benefits of the new Prowler Trident™ kayaks include:

Prowler Trident 11™

A compact kayak with exceptional weight capacity, the new Ocean Kayak™ Prowler Trident 11™ is very stable, tracks well and can tackle a variety of water from ocean surf to lakes and rivers. Available in both angler and standard editions the Prowler Trident 11™ is equipped with adjustable foot pegs. Comfort Plus™ seat back, a large tank well for convenient storage, sizeable bow hatch and paddle keeper among other amenities. Angler models include a Rod Pod™ to store fishing rods inside the kayak, , flush mounted rod holders, a Sonar Shield and battery bag to protect and store Humminbird® fish finders and batteries. Rudder system optional. Specs: L: 11’ 5”, W: 30.5”, Weight: 54 lbs, Max weight capacity: 350-400 lbs.

Prowler Trident 13™

A kayak angler’s dream, the Ocean Kayak™ Prowler Trident 13™ features sleek lines for on-water performance, an excellent drainage system for a drier ride, exceptional storage and smart outfitting throughout. The Prowler Trident 13™ has superb primary and secondary stability, ample legroom, a wide seat well with adjustable foot pegs, a Comfort Plus™ seat back, large bow hatch and an oversized tank well. Designed with anglers in mind the Prowler Trident 13™ Angler is equipped with a Rod Pod™ to conveniently store fishing rods inside the kayak, a Sonar Shield to protect and store Humminbird® fish finders, a battery bag and flush mounted rod holders. Rudder system optional. Specs: L: 13’6”, W: 29.5”, Weight: 60 lbs, Max weight capacity: 425-475 lbs.

New Native Watercraft Propel Series Featuring the 12’ and the 14.5’

New Native Kayak

With all the comfort and convenience of an Ultimate™ plus the versatility of a Multisport kayak, the Ultimate™ ProPel Series is the definition of sovereignty. You can pedal forward or backward and the rudder control lets you steer with a single finger while you enjoy the luxury of the First Class™ Seating system and the stability of the Tunnel Hull™. The removable First Class™ Seat makes an excellent "beach seat." Also, remove it for unloading or loading to make the boat 7 pounds lighter.

The Phoenix 120

New Kayak

The Phoenix 120 has experienced some major alterations. We’ve eliminated the old integrated foot braces and added adjustable foot rails and braces. We’ve increased the size of the stern tank well, so it will now accommodate a milk crate to be used for fishing gear. We’ve created lots of flat surfaces to which rod holders and fish finders may be mounted. The seat has been lowered to increase the stability, and we’ve added thigh support for greater comfort. Additionally we’ve abandoned the old 5“ Beckson hatch on the bow, and we’ve added a larger 10” round storage hatch in its place. When you add it all up the end result is perhaps the lightest, most versatile Sit On Top on the market.

The New NuCanoe


Three NuCanoe packages highlight the new offerings from NuCanoe. The Tandem Adventurer for fishing exploits revised seat positions to make a fishing craft capable of carrying two anglers and their gear. The Ultimate Adventurer, ideal for the solo angler, incorporates a paddle holder, stern anchor system, and sport box.

The flagship product, the 12' NuCanoe, is enhanced for 2008. The hull weight is reduced by 7lbs and revised seat positions provide additional seating configurations, enabling 3 passengers, center-facing seats, and extended legroom for tandem use.

New accessories in the 2008 product lineup include a hands-free trolling motor kit, a light-weight Expedition seat available in black or cammo, and a U-Joint tiller extension handle. For the first time, NuCanoe is offering rigging options targeted toward the kayak and canoe fishing markets. A paddle holder, stern anchor system, and SOP trolley anchor are the initial rigging products offered.

The NuCanoe, designed by Tim Niemier, features an innovative, high-flotation, sealed hull that is virtually unsinkable and provides an optimal balance of tracking, maneuverability, and speed. The NuCanoe's versatility enables single or tandem use, and allows users to choose between canoe paddling, kayak paddling, or trolling with an electric motor. It is ideal for kayak fishing, canoe fishing, duck hunting, leisure paddling, and recreation.


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