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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 17:37

Kayak Kevin’s "Chesapeake Bay Tour" Video Review

By: Chris Parson, Kayak Fishing Magazine

Kayak_Kevin_Chesapeake_Bay_DVD_Cover2 kayak fishing Kevin Whitley, (aka Kayak Kevin) takes us on tour with him in his latest video “Kayak Kevin’s Chesapeake Bay Tour”. Kevin has a unique perspective of the environment and focuses his attention to the untapped and undisturbed environments that can be found while kayaking in remote areas like the ones he’s captured in this latest video. I’m amazed at how well Kevin captured all that there was to see while on this adventure that takes him 600 miles around the Chesapeake Bay.

The back cover of this DVD reads; “Starting in Norfolk, Kevin’s trek takes him through heat advisories, head winds, gear destroying storms, insects, jellyfish swarms and deadly lightning. From salty beaches, to pebble shores and mountain like scenery, Kevin finds frenzying striper, discovers ancient fossils including various sharks teeth, Indian arrowheads and explores the rich diversity that is the Chesapeake Bay”

When you think of all the equipment Kevin has to bring with him, you have to wonder, how the heck does he carry everything? The list is endless; fresh water, camping, food, clothing, sleeping, video gear, safety equipment, fishing gear, and on and on? Well, Kevin breaks down every single item that he carries while on tour and even demonstrates how and where each item is packed away. Kevin has proven to be a true “Tetris Master”.

One key piece of equipment that I will be ordering for myself before next season spot2_prodpage for kayak fishing is the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. This small unit tracks your every movement and sends your location back to those that you trust to keep an eye on you. Kevin used this feature on his website for live, real time updates on his journey. I found myself checking in daily like some sort of new age reality show junkie. How far did he get today I thought as I checked in. This really added a cool element to his trip, and surely sold me on the benefits of the Spot GPS Messenger. For more info and benefits of the Spot go to; http://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=102

shante kayak kevin fishing DVD Kevin had several people come out to meet up with him for short visits here and there. Kevin took the time and effort to thank many of them in his DVD which I feel is a classy touch. Al Stillman, Bob Miller and I met up with Kevin at his half way point at Elk Neck State Park in Maryland. Kevin’s Dad and Step-Mom came down as well and we all got a chance to hear how things were unfolding. Kevin showed us some of the raw footage that he’d shot and we were all excited to see the final product. We lit a fire and Kevin, Al, and I sat there most of the night sharing stories, laughing and talking music. The following day, we all spent the day fishing around the Park waterways and just goofing off.

Kevin keeps to a strict schedule while touring and he knew exactly how much time beash_isl_camp_storm kayak kevin fishing DVD he needed to reach his next predetermined camping location. So with a quick handshake, he was off for the second half of his journey. I remember feeling a bit jealous as I watched him paddle off. I hope that one day I have the opportunity to experience the pristine locations and pure beauty that he was encountering.

I thought that I’d ask Kevin a few questions now that I’ve been able to see the final product. First, I’d like to say thank you Kevin, not only for your videos, but for what you do for the sport itself. You have a knack for being respectful of the environment and you set a great example for others to follow.

Chris: How long does it take to properly prepare for an adventure like this one?

Kevin: about three weeks before I start paddling my tour boat. I’ve already been fishing so my paddling muscles are in shape, but need to get use to sitting in my tour boat for at least 8 hours and I make sure can cover 15 miles, and recover from it.

Chris: A trip like this obviously isn’t for a beginner. Do you have any advice for those interested in similar journeys?

Kevin: start out the same way I did, with overnighters and weekend tours. I did about a half dozen two and three day tours before my first long tour. That’s where I tightened up with the gear that I needed and the gear I didn’t. I sharpened my navigational skills and cut my teeth on what a long tour would be like.

Chris: How the heck did you get that close to the deer in the DVD?

Kevin: I was on a small beach with a small 5 foot cliff. At the end of the day I looked over the top and the deer where right there. They could only see my head and camera, so they were totally checking me out but felt like I wasn’t a threat because I was only a foot tall.

Chris: It’s obvious that you have put an enormous amount of time and effort into this project. Aside from the planning, and the tour itself, how much time did you spend editing and narrating a full 6 weeks of video?

Kevin: I got home with nearly 40 hours of footage. It took me a week to clear my cameras. The whole thing took over three months to do. About 55-60 hours a week.

Chris: Is it too early to ask if you have any future trips planned at this time?

Kevin: I’ve been trying to put together big tour for a few years now from Brownsville TX back home to Norfolk VA. But the cost and the time are becoming more and more out of reach. I would like to repeat my first tour from the GA/FL border to VA. Georgia is a great challenging waterway, 10 foot tides and alligators everywhere.

Chris: Ok, music time. How do I get my hands on some Crab Nebula? The band is credited on the cover and they rock.

Kevin: crab was a fusion band I was in from ’94-’99. There a few CD’s floating around but probably hard to find. You can hear it at http://www.myspace.com/crabnebulanorfolk

I really don’t want to give too much away here by writing a spoiler report, so I’ve decided to stick to the basics and simply offer the strong suggestion that you order your copy of Kayak Kevin’s latest adventure right now. www.kayakkevin.com

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