Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 Jackson Kayak Cuda 12Jackson Kayak Cuda 12

Jackson Kayak Cuda 12Jackson Kayak Cuda 12

Kayak Specs

12' 6"
68 lbs
350 lbs
Base Price
US $1,199
Main Propulsion
Hull Type
Production Status


Jackson Kayak

The Cuda 12 is the perfect counter part for its big brother, the Cuda 14. This is still a watercraft built for inshore, offshore, lakes and other large bodies of water, but now in a mid-range size allows for an even more versatile watercraft.

Similar to the Cuda 14, the Jackson Kayak team has once again peppered slick, angler friendly features throughout the Cuda 12. This sleek new Jackson Kayak fishing machine boasts angler friendly features including the rod tip cover, side and rear tackle stagers, rear utility bag, underside Elite Seat pocket/rod butt stager, fly rod stagers, long load safety flag, stand assist handle, secondary rear seating position, rudder option, 26-inch center hatch that will have a fish cooler accessory that will perfect for keeping your catch or your lunch nice and cool! The center hatch insert will also be removable for easy access to the interior, making for easy rod storage while on the water. Of course previously introduced and popular Jackson features are also there, including the rod stagers/holders that are big enough for offshore rods, rear flush mount rod holders, paddle stagers/holders, Elite Hi/Lo Seat, flat standing platform, removable skid plate, both bow and stern tight seal hatches and a new and improved beverage holder! The sleek, low profile, design will make fishing in the wind a breeze! The shorter mid-size length still gives anglers solid speed, but now with the maneuverability to tackle some of the narrower areas and smaller bodies of water. With all these features, there is no reason the Cuda 12 shouldn't be a common sight on the water in 2013!

Some Key Features:

  • Improved Grey Elite hi/lo seat, with removable rear utility bag and closeable underside pocket.
  • Center storage hatch with internal access
  • Flat areas for mounting accessories on hatch cover, and beside the center hatch cover
  • Optional insert and cooler accessories available
  • Multiple Paddle stagers (side & front)
  • Multiple rod stagers, including fly rod stagers
  • New & Improved rod tip cover
  • Both bow and stern tight fitting hatches
  • Rudder and non-rudder versions
  • GoPro and RAM ready
  • RAM 2007 universal rod holder included.
  • RAM rocket launcher rod holders included.
  • Removable skid plate
  • Vertical tackle box stagers in tankwell and on each side of the seat
  • Unique secondary rear seating position giving multiple options
  • Jackson Kayak long load safety flag included
  • Beverage holder
  • Rear tankwell
  • Stand-assist handle included
  • Locking bar
  • Low profile design making it wind a wind friendly platform
  • Wide, flat standing platform
  • Adjustable foot pegs
  • Jackson Kayak Nalgene bottle included

Editor reviews

Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 2012-08-04 23:49:49 andyjade
Overall Rating of this Kayak For Fishing. 
andyjade Reviewed by andyjade    August 04, 2012
Last updated: August 07, 2012 View all my reviews

Jackson Cuda 12

Given the internet-derived fanfare and anticipation associated with the launch of the vessel in question, I was a bit taken aback with the understated tones surrounding the lonely, yet well-tried and therefore muddy facade of the demo day Jackson Cuda 12. No banners of celebration surrounded said craft, and, given the workhorse nature of the boat, pomp and circumstance would be ill-fitting. There it sat, tucked in amongst other Jackson offerings ranging from white water to an as-yet-to-be-released vessel that you may or may not stand upon whilst rooting through a cooler of bait or beverage.

After getting the initial specs and rundown from Jackson pro-staffer, Drew Gregory, (12'4" long, 31" wide, 65 pounds sans seat, possessing a mission statement related to filling the void between the river boat, Coosa and the longer flat/salt water, Cuda 14), I drug the Cuda 12 into the stained water of Jordanelle State Park, and set about on a short but varied tour.

It was immediately apparent that the boat is extremely well thought out in terms of layout and design. An integrated GoPro mount flows seamlessly into numerous and ample storage compartments, and the high seat offers both comfort and impressive range of motion. When sitting sideways, with legs dangling over the port side, I was easily able to reach toward the stern, fetch Plano boxes, and mimic an erratic battle with a feisty fish. The high backed seat was never an issue. In terms of stability, the boat is quite forgiving; many paddlers treated it as a glorified stand up paddle board. I gave try to such action, but found that the center of gravity was too far forward to offer utmost confidence. Lifting the seat easily solves the problem, and Jackson thoughtfully provided a grab line to aide such a maneuver. Turning maneuvers are handled easily; one swift stroke yields a 180 degree change in direction.

The Cuda 12 is, however, not without its faults, as minor as they may be. With size 13 Chacos, I found the foot pegs to be small and demanding of heel pressure. I personally choose to employ the ball of my foot to my paddle stroke, and that does not seem to be a viable option. At 31" wide, the Cuda 12 remains a swift craft, due in no part to thoughtful hull design. However, the shorter length does lend itself to some lateral play with regard to the bow. A fast and deep paddling cadence, while capable of moving the boat at truly impressive speeds, yielded tracking issues. Granted, they were typical of shorter boats, and will not likely be an issue for most anglers.

In short, it can be said that the anticipation is well warranted. Jackson has truly fulfilled the target niche, and nary will be the disappointed buyer. The color options are varied, and will suit most consumers. The demo model was adorned with a tri-color camo motif, which was reported by booth staff to be the current favorite amongst shoppers. For anglers pondering the larger Cuda, but wary of the length, this will be the vessel of choice.

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