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1 Kwanza "Kayaking" Henderson
2 The Minds Behind True Rec Kayaks
3 Viking Maniyaks – New Zealand
4 A Farewell to a Father
5 Loon Pond Outfitters
6 Groundswell Kayak Fishing
7 Interview with Tom Derrer of Eddyline Kayaks
8 Angler of Interest - Damian Bowman
9 Angler of Interest - Rudy Tsukada
10 Angler of the Month - Ian/Dizzyfish
11 Angler of the Month - Bob Bramblet
12 Angler of the Month - Nicolas Valentin
13 Angler of the Month - Francis Pons
14 Angler of the Month - Brian Nelli
15 The Wolfpack
16 OEX, Kayak Fishing Supplies
17 Angler of the Month - Dave Desmarais
18 Interview of the Month - Jeff Krieger
19 Interview of the Month - Bill Bragman, Yak-Gear
20 Angler of the Month - Sharon Magwood
21 Angler of the Month - Mark Joslin
22 Interview - Jason Stock (JM Snooky)
23 Interview – Jeffrey Goudreau
24 Angler of the Month - Jean McElroy
25 Interview - Jeff Little, A Student of Smallmouth
26 Angler of the Month - Allen (polepole) Sansano
27 Interview - Dino Cerdeira, The Pond Hopper
28 Interview with Dave Hadden of Freedom Hawk Kayaks
29 Shane Davies – Brazos River Kayak Fishing Guide Interview
30 Rich Jones - Everglades Kayak Fishing
31 Interview with Steve Komarinetz from Bassyaks
32 Angler of the Month Brandon Beversdorf
33 Angler of the Month - Suzanne Fisher
34 Angler of the Month - Tony Gonzales
35 Angler of the Month - Roger Bump
36 Angler of the Month - Sonny Nguyen
37 Angler of the Month - Troy Eastman
38 Angler of the Month - Dee Kelly
39 Angler of the Month Drew Gregory, “ BasserDrew”
40 Angler of the Month Rick Plambeck aka "Photoguy"
41 Angler of the Month ·Thomas “HobieTom” Buckalew
42 Interview of the Month with Mike Kogan (a.k.a. KayakMike) of Jacksonville Kayak Fishing.
43 Interview with Jim Dolan of Hero's on the Water
44 Interview with Howard McKim
45 Interview with Paul Lebowitz, Outdoor Writer and Advocate for Kayak Fishing Access.
46 Interview with Vince Console of Hobie Kayaks
47 Chrystal Murray Interview
48 Tom Stubblefield of Texas Kayak Fisherman Interview
49 Interview with Craig Sheppard of Kayak Fishing Stuff.
50 Interview March 2008 with Hook 1 Kayak Fishing Gear
51 Angler of the Month - Ido from Israel
52 Interview With Ken Daubert
53 Interview with Legacy CEO Andy Zimmerman
54 Interview for with Jim Sammons
55 Interview With Rolando Willmann
56 Kayak Angler of the Month - Terry Wilson
57 Interview of the Month - Marty Hughes (Kayakjak)
58 Angler of the Month - Lucian Gizel aka "Lucian"
59 Angler of the Month - Kevin Whitley aka "Kayak Kevin"
60 Angler of the Month - Philip Ruckart aka “Yak4Fish”
61 Angler of the Month - John Oast aka “Toast”
62 Angler of the Month - Cory Routh aka "Ruthless"
63 Angler of the Month - Chirs Shoplock aka "SHIPWRECK"
64 Angler of the Month - Chad Hoover aka "KNOT RIGHT"



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